Jetexpress offers you

Specialist Logistics Services

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01. Our History

Jet Express is a limited liability company licensed by the Egyptian National Postal Authority (EPA) to provide all postal services, established in 2011 to provide domestic and international courier services and logistics services. The company has established its agent for major international courier companies and since then the company has further expanded into Governorates of the Arab Republic of Egypt through its branches or through its agents


02. Our license

In 2012 we managed to obtain a license from Egypt National Post Organization ( E.N.P.O ).This license allow us to be an agent for any multinational company , handle all kind of shipments (domestic and international) as well as operate independently.


03. Our Mission & Vision

The company is the leading company in the field of express mail inside Egypt, making the best effort to achieve this and maintaining the quality standards and professionalism and attention to the selection of experienced and efficient staff to provide the best service to our valued customers and respect the foundations and principles and ethics of work


04. Our Standard

Be honest

Aim to satisfy customers every time.

Challenge and improve all we do.

Be passionate about our people.

Measure success through sustainable profit.

Work for Egypt.

Team Work Spirt


05. Our Operation and Net Work

We apply operations plans that allow us to cover the widest  geographical area with our Jet Express representatives, in addition to that we have created a strong net work which helps us to be always near to our valued customers and to deliver the significant business areas in a premium time definite delivery. We have a branches spread all over Egypt.


06. Our Secret

Our customers enjoy a unique experience with us by combining the highest quality, price and economic standards to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction


07. Our Customers Service

A customer service representative interacts with customers to provide them with information to address inquiries regarding services. In addition, they deal with and help resolve any customer complaints. For instance, a customer representative may assist you in opening an account or help you to resolve your enquiries. Our representatives always takes a preactions  by updating our valued customers by the status of them shipments step by step , and regular updates concern any of our customer's query untill it solved